Voyager 1 Spacecraft still talking to Earth after 40 years in Space and from 17 billion km away

The Voyager 1 spacecraft now at the immense distance of 18.5 billion kilometers (145 AU) from earth.  In 2017, thrusters were operated by NASA to adjust the orientation of the spacecraft; the signal from the spacecraft took 19 hours and 35 minutes to reach an antenna in Goldstone, California.

Voyager 2 launched on August 20, 1977, from Cape Canaveral, Florida aboard a Titan-Centaur rocket. On September 5, Voyager 1 launched, also from Cape Canaveral aboard a Titan-Centaur rocket.

The twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft are exploring where nothing from Earth has flown before. Continuing on their more-than-39-year journey since their 1977 launches, they each are more that twice as far from Earth and the sun than Pluto.